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Why Do You Need A CV?

Your possible employer has no idea about you. Your CV will serve them as guide whether you qualify for the job. Having a CV is the first step of job application before you get an interview. So create a killer CV that will make employers want to hire you.

What Should Be On Your CV?

CV is a piece of paper that represents your personality, perspective, edge, and professionalism. It is very important that your CV has all the information that an employer will be looking for.

Your CV Should Have The Following:

Name and contact information
Objectives (optional)
Personal profile (optional)
Employment history
Skills related to the job you are applying for
Hobbies and interests
Character reference

Rules Of Writing Your CV

Flawless grammar

Wrong grammar is a major turn off for employers. If you are not good at writing, you can use online tools such as grammarly, ginger software, and reverso. The best resource you can turn to is a proof read. Have someone read your CV and ask for feedback.

No Beating Around The Bush

Your CV should be clear, concise, correct, complete. Try to simplify your sentences. Make sure that the message you want your employer to get is included. Be direct to the point. Your goal is to write a CV that’s going to represent you effectively in the shortest manner.