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You have the best CV that represents you well, now it’s time to look for hiring companies. Online is one of the easiest ways to find a job. There are many job search platforms you can choose from. It wouldn’t hurt if you will create your profile on these platforms as many as you can. Finding work is like selling yourself. You have to advertise, the more advertisements you can make, the better.


Monster has been around for quite sometime now. Job seekers go here to view company profiles. They also have helpful career advice section where you can get tips and suggestions on how you can land that perfect job.


Linkedin is the perfect place to network. You have to simply add your professional experience and it gives you lists of related jobs you can apply for. Linkedin also features serious hiring companies that need employees ASAP.


If you want to check company reviews, you can find them here. Glassdoor lets you access their lists of hiring employers. The website is easy to use, you can browse and filter job search so you can save time in your job hunting.


The website caters to both applicants and employers. You simply have to create an online profile so your employer could have a glimpse of you. Indeed has helped thousands of job seekers and you could be one of them.


Jobisjob is a niche site. It maybe last on the list but they are a wonderful online platform. You can filter the jobs by location or job title which makes it easier for job seekers to navigate their site.